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The Electric Vehicle Society Newsletter - 'EV Surge' is planned as a Bi-Monthly Newsletter, Normally issued 6 times per year, and has been a benefit included in the Paid Membership, one copy per Regular, Senior, Student, Spouse, Family, or Business Membership, with extra copies available at the public price of fifty cents ($0.50) per copy.

This Price will be for Issues from January 2007, to December 2009. In January 2010, due to growth in size by 50%, the single copy Black & White Price is now posted at $0.75 (Seventy Five Cents).

Newsletters in the past have generally available at the initial meeting when they are released, and primarily distributed at the meeting to members in attendance. If you prefer yours to be mailed or to be send out electronically, please advise the editor by providing your information to the editor directly.

The newsletter is also in planning to be available to the public, initially in Black and White or Gray-Scale Versions on a limited test, followed by a Color test, and then evaluated. If you have a location that would like to participate in this test, please advise us.

Contact the Editor, Robert Weekley, if you have preferences to receive the Newsletter other than at the meeting: by email at or by phone at 416-638-4368.

As The Content of the Newsletters has mostly been from Online Accessable sources, and links to these sources has always been included in past Newsletters, there have been some changes as to the delivery and format of Nesletters. We now email out a copy online to subscribed members and related interested parties.

Our President has taken on the Newsletter Creation, in part due to his direct activities in the Industry. Contact him with Questions.

Some Copies of the Online Newsletter:
November 2015 Newsletter.
October 2015 Newsletter.
September 2015 Newsletter.

Other Recent Online Newsletters may be found at the Online Archive.

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Current Classic Printed Newsletters

Q. What is the Latest EVSurge Newsletter Issue #?

A. The Current Newsletter Printed is May-Jun 2011, Issue #3.

Q. What is covered in the Latest EVSurge Newsletter (Issue #3)?

A. The Latest Newsletter's table of contents covers:
EVSurge Issue #3 2011 Cover Car choices expand, 8 Straight Wins!, GM Proterra EV Bus, Tesla RAV4 EV, Presidents Message, Electric Beetle, Future of Batteries, Batteries & Patent Fights, California Clean Car, Solar Tunnel, 100 Tampa Charge Point's, Korea Batteries, Ride the Electric Ranger, Electrovaya Minivans, Maple Ridge EV-Truck, and on a page of their own: EV Conversion Manual Order Form, and the Updated Member Application Form and Survey.

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Past Newsletters

Q. where can I find copies of Past EVSurge Newsletters?

A. Not just Past, but All Newsletters are available in the member directory to all Current Members (Paid Up)

Older (Any Past) Printed Newsletters can be obtained at a cost, on request.

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Sample Newsletter - Link

Here are a few samples of a Past EVSurge Newsletters:

For the Complete 2007 - 2010 Set of Classic EV Surge Newsletters, Issue #1 - #6
-- please Contact the Editor for availability and format, or sign in to the members area and click the Newsletter link there to access them all.

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