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Membership with Electric Vehicle Society

The Electric Vehicle Society is a member driven and governed group. New members are welcome. Enthusiasts, engineers and environmentalist are invited to join. We need your help to bring electric vehicles in its' many forms to those who want and need them!

Members Receive at least the Following Benefits: (Click the links for more info!)
Voting - Current Paid Members Only,
Membership Sign up or Renewal, Discounts, One Place to go for Information,
Special Members Area: Access to More Information, Just for Members!
Free Ads for Corporate Members!

Annual individual membership fees are:

  • $30 for Regular Adult Membership
    - Regular Adult Membership includes Men or Women, of Legal Age, up to 59 years.
  • $20 for Seniors, Students, or Spouses.
    - Senior Age is 60, Student Must be in School, Spouse must be listed to Qualify,
  • $100 for Corporate membership
    - Have a business that could benefit from promoting to EV interested parties?
    - Choose this for more benefits!
  • Joining Google Groups: EVSofCanada is FREE! Click Link in Menu.
  • You may attend a meeting before purchasing a Membership

At that point you can decide if there is value for you here and you want to join in person, with a membership application form and join online via PayPal for an auto-renewing membership subscription, and send in a completed membership application form.

Join the EV Society online via PayPal Auto-Renewal membership for as little as $20 (Seniors) . Students, Seniors, General & Corporate memberships also available.

  • Direct Payment Membership is based on a Calendar Year from Joining.
    Your PayPal Payment is your receipt for payment, with the current date - your membership lasts one year from that date. When paying by PayPal online, you will have a confirmation email with the date. We also have the record in our PayPal Account to check and verify from.

  • All Memberships are moving to Auto Renewal Memberships, so Your membership and benefits will not expire in one year from joining the EVSC.

  • For those who used the One Time Membership approach, if you don't remember when you joined, or last renewed, please contact the Treasurer, Membership Clerk, or general email box, to verify your start or last renewal date.

  •  Membership Sign ups and/or Auto Renewals

    You can Select the type of membership to suit from Regular, Senior, Corporate, Student, Spouse, or Family.

    Ready to get your Subscription Membership?
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    to Register once, and your set!

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     Next Meeting Date: Thursday, May 18th, 2017*
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     Membership Benefits - Discounts

    Electric Vehicle Conversion Manual.  
    Regular Price is $50.00 + Shipping.
    Members only pay $35.00 + Shipping: $15.00 Discount (30% Off!)
    (Shipping is Extra for either!)

    Other Discount Benefits under re-development!

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     Membership Benefits - Single-Source Information

    Technical Links and Video Links at one source!

    The EV Society Website is frequently updated with Nuggets in the form of links to Suppliers, News Stories and links, and, from time-to-time, Technical Articles.

    When all the current plans are in place - the web site will also offer the means to improve your member networking opportunities, with the possibility of Forums, a Blog, and a Member EV Photo Album.

    We Have already started the member only side of the web site which you can access for any of the existing newsletters since January 2007. Important Tips will also be found in the members section online.

    The First one - How to Change your Registration of your EV Conversion for the Power (Fuel) from 'G' to 'E' - posted November 13, 2009.

    Other Activities will also be available there.

    Contact the Editor to make the access and login arrangements.

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     Membership Benefits - Advertising

    EV Surge Newsletter, Advertising.

    Advertising for Corporate EVS Members in the EV Surge Newsletter:
    The Following is included with your Membership:

    Free Advertisement of 1/4 Page Size, 1 Issue per year of Membership
    Free Business Card Sized Ad - 3X per Year of Membership.
    (Approximately 2" x 3.5"; ~7 Square Inches)

    The 1/4 Page size can be in Banner Style, Square style, or Tower style,
    equaling a total of 18.75 Square Inches.
    • Banner Style (Wide Screen) Rectangle gives you 7.5" wide X 2.5" High.
    • Square Style (Two Colums Wide) = 4.933" Wide X 3.8" Tall
    • Tower Style (Tall Rectangle, 1 Column Wide) = 2.367" Wide X 7.921" Tall
    Here is a Printable Template of the Advertising Spaces

    Standard Advertising Rates and Corporate Non-Member: Newsletter Advertising,
    Per Issue Rates

    Per Business Card Size Ad (Approximately 2" x 3.5"):$20.00
    Per 1 column Inch: $10.00
    Per 1/4 Page: $60.00
    Per 1/2 Page: $100.00

    For Corporate EVS Members desiring ongoing advertising beyond the Free Insertions;
    They receive a 50% Discount from these rates, with a 2 Issue Insertion Minimum.

    Contact the EV Surge Editor to make the arrangements.

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