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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

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EV Related Questions

Q. Where can I buy an Electric Vehicle?

A. The "Big Six" Auto Manufacturers Electric Vehicles Update: In Canada, Ford has the Focus EV, GM has the Volt, Nissan has the LEAF, Mitsubishi has the iMiEV, Mercedes has the SMart ED, Toyota has the Prius PHV, and in California (and some other places) you may also find the NEW Toyota RAV4 EV and also the Fiat 500e, and the Honda FIT EV. Check with the Brands Dealers to see if they are carrying or selling these fine Electric Vehicles. Of course - outside of the Plug-in Hybrid Prius, and Range Extended Electric Volt, all these listed vehicles are considered 'Commuter' Electric Vehicles - not Long Range friendly,. For that - Look for Tesla Motors and the Model S, available by ordering it online or at your nearest Tesla Store. There is a Waiting list that is growing due to demand, but Production is catching up!

See this collection of reviews for more information.

You can also, acquire our EV Conversion Manual and convert one for yourself if you want something different. See EV Album online to get an idea of the other 4000 or so other vehicles that have been Converted!

Q. Can you name the New Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles?

A. Some of the Manufacturers include:

You may also find these Electric Vehicles available: Phoenix Motorcars; Think USA.

There are also places to buy at retail some EV's such as ZapWorld.
And of course - if you want a Highway Trike - there is Myers Motors NmG.
And - if you want something realy different, and can wait until its ready, you can see this story about Aptera - here, or here, but it might be a bit yet!

Q. What about 2-Wheeled Electric Vehicles and Bicycles or Tricycles?

A. 2-Wheeled Electric Vehicles present the most efficient forms of Transport, in that they carry less vehicle mas to move a person around! Consider looking at a 2-wheeled Electric Vehicle if you are familiar with them in their previous forms - Pedal Bike, Gas Powered Scooter, or Motorcycles. There can be found a variety of choices in these categories - from the Speed Limited (Maximum 500 Watt) Electric Assist Bikes and Electric Scooters, up to higher powered Highway Legal Scooters, and full on Electric Motorcycles.

Q. What are some of the places I can get 2-Wheeled Electric Vehicles and Bicycles or Tricycles?

A. Make a choice as to the kind of 2 or 3 Wheeler you might like - here:

  1. Local Suppliers of Electric Bikes and eScooters are places like:
    EP Rider;
    EZ Riders;
    Golden Motor Canada;
    Freedex Trikes;
    Electro Wheels
    eScooter Rules In Canada - *Important*.
    MTO eScooter Rules In Ontario
    The Canadian Law and 500W Electric Scooters.

  2. Higher Powered Highway Legal Electric Scooters:
    Z Electric Vehicle; ZEV Fastest Bike - Challenge.
    Vextrix VX-1; VX-1 Story.
    THE ELECTRA MECCANICA SOLO, Three-wheeled Solo electric vehicle

  3. Full on Electric Motorcycles:
    Zero Motorcycles.
    Mission Motors
    Lighning Motorcycle.
    E-Tracer, an Electric MonoTracer.

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EVS Questions

Q. When was the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada Established?

A. The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada was Established in 1991, by Howard Hutt.

Q. What are some reasons people join the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada?

A. Most members Join because of their common interest in the Environment, and the advantages Electric Vehicles have on this issue.

Also some join so as to Network, Make some Money Selling their Products to like-minded Members, and often, with the intent to eventually own an Electric Vehicle.

Some also join that have already converted or build an EV of their own, or recently bought an OEM EV, and wish to connect with other EV Owners.

Q. Outside of attending Meetings - where do members find out more information about Electric Vehicles?

A. Most Members Search Online or Read Newspaper or Magazine Articles to supplement their Lerning about Electric Vehicles, and often share what they have discovered at EVS Meetings. Some Online Sources include: HybridCars.com/News, AutoblogGreen, insideevs electrek Gas2.org, TreeHugger, Upcoming Events, and More.

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EVS Membership Questions

Q. How can I join The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada?

A. You can Join The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada by coming to any meeting with a completed application and a Check for the Appropriate Amount, or register your membership purchase online.

Q. Where do I go to join The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada?

A. Bring your Application and Payment to a Meeting at the Centennial College on any Meeting Night, or register your membership purchase online.

Q. How much does it cost for the EVS Membership?

A. Annual individual membership fees are $30 for adults and $20 for students & seniors.
Spouse (of a Member) memberships are $20, and Corporate membership is $100.

Q. May I Join the Electric Vehicle Society, without the requirement to attend Meetings?

A. We have added Online Membership Purchase options with PayPal, that can help in this matter. Attendance is not required, but recommended - for Networking and communication updates. Not all news is posted on the EVS Website, and some is very timly - requiring direct response.
Membership Annually Auto-Renewing Subscription.

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EVS Charity Status

Q. Is the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada a Registered Charity?

A. No - we are not a registered Charity, and can not issue any valid Tax Receipts for Charitable Donations. For more information about claiming membership fees as tax deductions, please visit the CRA website or consult an accountant.

Q. But - I thought you were a Non-For-Profit Business - is that not the same as a Charity?

A. No - a Charity may be registered as a Not-For-Profit, and at the same time a Not-For-Profit might be a charity, but they are not required to be, or in other words - Not Necessarily. In any case - we are not a Registered Charity (or an Unregistered one either!)

See the Following CRA Links for More Tax Information on these Elements:
CRA - Charitable purposes.
CRA - Registered charity vs. non-profit organization
Operating a registered charity.

Just as a tip - if your are a first time Donor in the last 5 years (to a charity - not to us), there is a special additon beginning in 2013 - the Super Credit.
Read about it here: First-Time Donor's Super Credit.

Q. If I searched for Electric Vehicle Society of Canada as a Canadian Charity - what would I find?

A. You would find - there is No Match for that search!
Charities Search - Electric Vehicle Society of Canada.
Just for reference - you would get the same result with a shorter search - 'Electric Vehicle'.

In fact - there are only three (3) Charities in Canada with the Word 'Vehicle' in them (As of this posting):

  1. Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association: CRA Link, Web Link.
  3. Motor Vehicle Education Foundation of Manitoba Inc.: CRA Link, Web Link.

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EVS Event Questions

Q. How can I find out more about the Events you are actively promoting with Electric Vehicles?

A. You can read our web page ' Events' to learn more.
You can also send an email to be included in a notification of events list.

Q. I have Heard About EV Fest - Where can I go to learn more about this?

A. EV Fest - is now an Event that operates on its own, headed up by one of our members. You can go to the EV Fest Website to learn more.

You can also Register yourself on their mailing list to be informed when the next EV Fest Event or Gathering is announced.

Q. About EV Fest - Where can I go to offer my support?

A. You can go to the Volunter Newsletter Registration Page and register your interest to offer your support for EV Fest Events. - You can also send an email to share your wishes. Also see their Contact Page.

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EV Manual Questions

Q. How can I find out more about the process of Converting a Gas Vehicle to an Electric Vehicle?

A. You can see our web page 'Conversion Manual' to learn more.
You can Join the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada as a Member to get a better price on the Manual and have people to ask questions of as you convert.

You can view Electric Vehicle Conversion Overview Steps at one of our member websites, and read their White Paper comparing Batteries.

You can also join the the Electric Auto Association, and get access to yet more information.

Closer to Home - you can review the information that has been posted on the Ministry of Transport - Ontario (MTO) Website about EV Conversions (Each link opens in a new tab/page):

Q. How can I find out who provides a service of Converting a Gas Vehicle to an Electric Vehicle?

A. You can see our web page 'Links' and select the approriate group for Service Providers, either in Canada or in the U.S.A.

You can also join the the Electric Auto Association, and get access to yet more information.

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