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"Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual"
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Purchase "Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual" for $50.00 CANADIAN
(+ $9.95 Shipping & Handling)

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The 85 page manual is organized into 5 parts, (62 pages) and 6 Appendixes, (23 Pages).

The five parts are headlined, as below:

  1. Introduction - The move to sustainable transportation

  2. Getting Started

  3. Basics of Electrical Energy and Electricity

  4. Starting the Conversion

  5. EV Performance and Evaluation

Please Note: As we are a Volunteer Organization, currently - we do our best to ship the manual out within 7-14 days of your order depending on day order received, personal schedules, and weekends, etc. It is shipped out by regular mail - Canada Post - in a Padded Envelope.

There are also times when we may be away on Vacation (See Below), and delivery times will be extended at such times.

Your time from order to delivery is affected by three elements:
  1. Delays between time of your order and discovery of email notification, affected by by personal schedules, and vacations [Largely during Mid-July to Early August, and sometimes, in the Christmas Season from Mid-December to Early January!]
  2. Time of Discovery by our Team for Shipping, affected by personal schedules,
    and vacations [Largely during Mid-July to Early August, and sometimes, in the Christmas Season from Mid-December to Early January!]
  3. Day of the week sent, affected by Statute Holidays, etc.
If you are in urgent need of quick delivery - please make a Call to Our President by phone and Send him an email with a copy of your order via PayPal.

Also see our Q & A Section on Delivery Times.

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If this order link fails - please contacts us at sales@evsociety.ca for information on this order.

We are currently considering making Express or Courier Shipping available - at a fixed additional cost. Please make use of the link below to discuss this possibility with us. Shipping & Handling would start at as low as $14.95 for Regular Parcel 5-8 Day Ontario Delivery, and range up to $22.95 for 8 Day Canada Delivery, With
Expressposttm 3 Business Days Guaranteed Delivery costing up to $39.95 for Shipping & Handling in Canada, and for those in great deed of speedy delivery -
Prioritytm 2 Business Days Guaranteed Delivery begins at $59.95 for Shipping & Handling in Canada.

For USA Orders - Expedited Parcel with 4 Business Days Deliver would be $25.95, and Expresspost USA would be $39.95; while Priority whould be $99.95.

To request information on other shipping options and availability - click here. to send us an email with your query.

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