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Our Last General Meeting was Held On Thursday, April 20th, 2017.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, May 18th, 2017*

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 Electric Mobility Canada Special Electric Vehicle Test Drive Event!

The Electric Vehicle Society will be presenting Electric Vehicles and their Owners, right next to the Ride and Drive Site.

Outdoor EMC Exhibition Plan Spaces - Here.

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May 18th, 2017 Agenda. Click Image to Register to Attend!
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EV Society Meeting with Special Guest

Mission Statement:
To investigate and promote clean transportation technologies with a focus on converting to Electric Energy for Propulsion. We are Owners, Engineers, Enthusiasts and Environmentalists.

The Electric Vehicle Society (E.V.S. or EVS for short) provides a forum for members to discuss and promote personal experiences in buying new Electric Vehicles, or building or converting a variety of vehicles to Electric Propulsion. Our members examine electric cars, electric bicycles, e-scooters, electric boats, electric aircraft, and other modes of electric transportation.

Encouraging Personal and High School Electric Vehicle Conversions is an important activity that is ongoing, to both provide a path for education, individual expression, and prliminary training for Automotive Carreers, and is supported by our Electric Vehicle Conversion Manual.

As Automobile Manufacturers find the increasing interest in Electric Vehicles and make them available, more and increasing numbers of Electric Vehicles are being made by them, as well as Plug-in Hybrid (Or Range Extended Electric) Vehicles, with increasing electric ranges becoming more affordable.

Members who cannot make conversions, and need vehicles with Manufactuer support can now (Since 2011) buy such Electric vehicles, and also there are available Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with varying levels of All Electric Range to cover from some to all of a persons daily work commutes, and are increasingly affordable, with Provincial Rebates, Promotions, and Manufacturer Discounts and lease options.

For More information - see our evolving new page - Buy an EV Today, as we work to update currently available EV's EREV's, and PHEV's!

Hot News!
Ontario to put a plan together for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Infrastructure!

Read More at these websites: InsideEVs, TheStar, The Globe And Mail, Huffington Post.

Direct Links to the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) Information,
Directly to The Map, List of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Types in the Program.

For Reference - see the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) Program Guide.
- Also see the Natural Resources Canada Information: About this Initiative.

Why Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have a number of distinct advantages over more traditional, internal combustion engine vehicles. Here are a few reasons to consider an electric vehicle:

  • Zero Emissions: Clean Running.
  • Low cost operation: 1 - 3 Cents Per Mile Energy Costs.
  • Simple Design: 1 Moving Part in the Motor.
  • Greater Efficiency: No Idling waste power, No Warming Up.
  • Make your own Fuel: Solar/Wind/Micro Hydro, etc.
  • [More].
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 Next Meeting Date: Thursday, May 18th, 2017*
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